Please note that all information may be changed without notice. You should check for updates directly with the theater when booking any concert at Jones Beach Theater.

How big is Jones Beach Theater?

The amphitheater can hold around 15,000 people.

What is the address of Jones Beach Theater?

895 Bay Parkway, Wantagh, New York 11793

What types of events are held at Jones Beach Theater?

The amphitheater most frequently hosts concerts, featuring rock, country, metal, reggae and other genres.

Is there an age limit for attending events at Jones Beach Theater?

The theater is open to all ages, provided children are accompanied by an adult. Some concerts may impose an age limit if they’re deemed unsuitable for children.

Do you need ID to get into Jones Beach Theater?

You must present a valid ID if you’re asked to do so, but it’s not mandatory to get in. You will have to show ID if an event is age-restricted or when purchasing alcoholic beverages.

What food and drink options are available at Jones Beach Theater?

You can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the various bars around the amphitheater site. There are also lots of cafes and food concessions for things like burgers and tacos.

What is the parking situation around Jones Beach Theater?

Shows here are very popular and parking can be tricky. Check out our Parking page for advice and alternatives.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, it’s fully accessible, with all required facilities.

Can I bring a bag or backpack into the Jones Beach Theater?

Only clear plastic, PVC or vinyl tote bags are permitted, sized up to 12” x 12” x 6.” You can also take a small clutch bag, sized up to 6.5”x 4.5.” If you have larger bags you’ll have to take them back to your vehicle.

Are there any prohibited items?

Yes. The Jones Beach Theater prohibits any items that are deemed illegal, dangerous or offensive. This includes any type of weapons, drugs, alcohol and recording equipment. See our Rules page for full details.

What time do gates open before an event?

The gates at the Jones Beach Theater typically open between 90 minutes and 2 hours before showtime. Event times vary, so be sure to check what time is stated on your ticket.

Is tailgating allowed in the parking lot?

No. New York State Parks policy prohibits it.

How can I buy tickets for a Jones Beach Theater event?

We recommend buying your tickets online via Ticket Squeeze authorized ticket system. Visit our Ticket Information page for more details.

How long has the Jones Beach Theater been in Wantagh?

There was a wooden stadium here from the 1930s, but the permanent structure was built in 1949 and opened in 1952