The Chicks & Patty Griffin at Jones Beach Theater

The Chicks & Patty Griffin Tickets

Jones Beach Theater | Wantagh, New York

Are you ready for the legendary The Chicks breaking records again this year for an epic concert tour? Witness the most badass women in the country music scene perform this Saturday, July 2, at New York's Jones Beach Theater. Join Natalie, Martie, and Emily in a night of greatest hits and genuine music with the Grammy-winning singer Patty Griffin. The massive venue of Jones Beach Theater will surely be packed with excited fans like you who would be singing along to the hits "March March," "Gaslighter," and "Sleep at Night." Or how about the classic hits "Cowboy Take Me Away," "You Were Mine," "Travellin' Soldier," and "Not Ready to Make Nice?" Well, whether you have been a Chicks fan since day 1 or just found their music recently, this concert is definitely for you. So grab your tickets and choose the best seat in the venue because you don't want to miss seeing the best-selling female band of all time perform near you!

The Chicks & Patty Griffin at Jones Beach Theater

To say that The Chicks' comeback in 2020 is exciting is an understatement. It is one of the most highly-anticipated comebacks that fans worldwide have been clamoring about for over a decade. The world is ecstatic to know that Natalie, Martie, and Emily are back after a long hiatus. We cannot blame the loyal fans for acting this way. After all, the best-selling US female band of all time needs to go back and show the world what real music is all about.

Older fans know The Chicks as the "Dixie Chicks" who gave country music countless hits like "You Were Mine," "Cowboy Take Me Away," "Not Ready to Make Nice," "Goodbye Earl," "Wide Open Spaces," and "Travelin' Soldier," among many others. After dropping "Dixie" in their name, their most recent hits include most of the songs from their critically-acclaimed album "Gaslighter." The lead single "Gaslighter" spoke about Natalie's failed marriage which resonated with most listeners. The song "March March," which became an unofficial anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, spoke about social commentaries and owning one's beliefs. The latter theme is, of course, a topic The Chicks can preach about, as they are the epitome of standing for what you believe in.

After announcing their 2022 tour, fans are bombarding The Chicks' social media about the anticipated tour dates. And the country music icon's Jones Beach Theater stop is scheduled this July 2. Thus, if you want to see The Chicks live, you should grab your tickets as early as now.

In this concert, the country music legends will be joined by the Grammy award winner Patty Griffin. Griffin is known for her stripped-down songwriting style in folk music which earned her a great deal of following and recognition among many fans and critics alike. Thus, The Chicks show will definitely be more exciting with her participation as a guest.

The Chicks & Patty Griffin at Jones Beach Theater

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