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Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater | Wantagh, New York


Rock legends Megadeth will be making a stop at the equally iconic Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York, on the 14th of September 2024 as part of their Destroy All Enemies Tour. Dave Mustaine and company are still promoting their latest studio album, “The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!” throughout this tour. This album was originally released in the fall of 2022. It’s the band’s sixteenth studio album, featuring six singles and 12 total tracks. Despite the promo efforts, fans can still expect plenty of Megadeth’s greatest hits to be part of the lineup at the Jones Beach Theater.

Mudvayne and All That Remains will open for Megadeth in Wantagh, as they will throughout the rest of the tour.Mudvayne and All That Remains will open for Megadeth in Wantagh, as they will throughout the rest of the tour. Mudvayne is a band born in the 90s that had some of the Kiss effect with the face paint going on in those years. They were major players in the heavy metal game. Then, they took almost a 10-year hiatus, only to return in 2021. Touring with Megadeth is going to be one of the best ways to get back into the eyes and ears of heavy metal fans, who are going to enjoy their hits as a warm-up act.

All That Remains, for their part, are more of a hard rock band. The band has always shied away from the metal core label. Lead singer Phil Labonte has said they’re capable of singing both metal songs and ballads. They’re more a product of the late 90s metal scene, which had some screams but put more depth into the lyrics. This band hopes to be within the frame of the concert but provide a bit of a change of pace.

While nothing is set in stone, this may be one of the last chances to see the band live on tour. Frontman Dave Mustaine has been battling throat cancer for the past few years. This makes the titanic effort of putting on 33 concerts in different cities in a span of two months all the more impressive. Fans of the band are not going to want to miss out on this memorable experience near the Jersey Shore. Tickets are out now, and they may not be available for long! Click the buy tickets button so you do not miss out.

Megadeth’s latest album received some very positive reviews across the board. Their toughest critic was ironically Metacritic they gave “The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!” a 7.8 out of 10. The renowned Dom Lawson, on the other hand, said this was one of the band’s best works in years, stating,

“This is easily the band's best album since Endgame... possibly even Countdown To Extinction.”

That’s a bold statement, considering that Countdown to Extinction is the band’s best-selling album of all time. It even peaked at number 2 in Billboard’s Top 200 circa 1992. For a heavy metal band, that’s typically uncharted territory!

Songs from this album that will likely heavily feature in the lineup on September 14th include "Night Stalkers," a collaboration between the band and the famous rapper Ice-T. The rapper has been known to live in the Jersey area, at least sporadically. He could be one of the surprise guests at the Jones Beach Theater.

It wouldn’t be Megadeth without some controversy, as well. "Dogs of Chernobyl" is another popular single from the latest album. Dave Mustaine has insisted that it wasn’t written as a protest to the war in Ukraine, but is instead “a love song.” It’s going to be interesting to see how that belief goes over in the band’s upcoming dates, particularly in places like Poland, Hungary, and Romania, which are part of their European tour.

The band that Dave Mustaine, who was originally a member of Metallica, formed in LA in the early 80s has gone through multiple changes throughout its more than 40 years in the business. In fact, Mustaine is the only member of the band who has been there through it all. In spite of these changes, Megadeth has been one of the more active thrash metal bands in history. Technically, they were only on hiatus for about a year in the early 2000s. This was due to an arm injury suffered by Mustaine during that time. Other than that mini-hiatus, there’s been a series of constant tours for the last 40+ years.

Watching them live at the Jones Beach Theater is perhaps one of the most unique experiences of the entire “Destroy All Enemies Tour.” As a fan, you won’t just be sitting in an auditorium singing along to Symphony of Destruction. You get to see the band with the sea as a backdrop; it’s one of the freshest spots in the country to go see a heavy metal concert. That chilly breeze that you can expect in Jersey in September is going to be welcomed by the sweaty members of the audience in black t-shirts. Megadeth is selling out all over Europe, and the US portion of the tour is already on sale, with tickets expected to go quickly. If you want to secure your place at the Jones Beach Theater on September 14th, 2024, click the buy tickets button!

Megadeth at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

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